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Posted on March 9, 2011
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PowerUp aims to develop the Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G) interface, involving a full development cycle of physical/link-layer specification, charging control protocol design, prototyping, conformance testing, field trials, and standardisation. Its results will ensure that EVs smoothly integrate into emerging smart-grid networks. Thereby the efficiencies resulting from robust grid operation may be achieved; V2G capabilities will smoothen the daily fluctuation of electricity demand and will enable EVs to act as emergency energy supplies. To achieve these desired results, it is essential that any electric vehicle type would be compatible with any European smart-grid network.

V2G technology will be developed in liaison with the ongoing ISO/IEC standardisation of the V2G interface, and it will extend existing smart-metering standards and ETSI ITS standards for vehicular communications.

Integrated field trials of V2G adapter prototypes will demonstrate end-to-end EV integration with the chain of smart-grid control systems. The field trial sites are Turin (Italy) and Göteborg (Sweden). The exact dates of the public demonstration events will be announced on this site.

The PowerUp consortium comprises of pioneering organisations from the full value chain on both automotive and grid infrastructure sides:



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PowerUp - Specification, Implementation, Field Trial, and Standardisation of the Vehicle-2-Grid Interface
STREP 285285
THEME ICT-2011.6.8, ICT for fully electric vehicles